Unsponsored Beermile of Bisbee '08
Bisbee, AZ

Conditions: Warm and Clear

created by user usdave

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1.Dr.Slowride   9:59.0  M46Pabst Blue Ribbon, from can  
2.Follows&Swallows   11:49.0  M?, from helmet  
3. New Car Smell   12:40.0  M?, from bag  
4. FooCumYu   14:00.0  M42Miller Genuine Draft, from can  
5.StuffedInMyBox   16:50.0  F?, from keg  
6. Candyman   17:25.0  M63Tecate?, from can  
7.BunkerBeater   19:21.0  M?, from cup  
8. BusJob   19:45.0  M55Budweiser, from can  
9.ExecutiveSpread   20:52.0  F?, from helmet  
10.Thanks4theMammories   21:57.0  F?, from bag  
11. CharlottetheHarlot   24:55.0  F?, from keg  
12.BzzzOwww   30:45.0  M?, from cup  
13.Popeye   DNF    2 laps
14. CHASE   DNF    3 laps

Race Notes:

Quartermile trail included 1 downhill turn, 1 sraightaway (navigate the cars), 1 bank of stairs and a 200ft hairpin turnaround.
This first time event took place during Bisbee Red Dress Weekend.

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