Manitoba 2008 Summer Beermile
Winnipeg, MB
August 22, 2008

created by user triathlon68

Conditions: Dark Clouds with Lightning in the horizon (felt cold like winter actually)


Beer Mile

4 Beers, 4 Laps Stop and Drink, Then Run Full Mile 12oz Beers Open When Drunk 5% Alcohol Beer No Tampering Vomit Penalty Max 2oz Spillage

Name Time Gender Age Nationality Beer Notes
1 Corey Gallagher 6:27.0 M 21 From Can Lucky 6 seconds off MB record
2 Danys Dorge 6:35.0 M 25 From Can Lucky Has removed all doubt surrounding his higly controvensial victory from '04
3 Andrew Dauphinais 6:56.0 M 25 From Bottle Lucerne Chocolate Milk First Chocolate Milk Mile since '04
4 Braeden Taylor 7:00.0 M 21 From Can n/a
5 Colin Barnett 8:28.0 M 19 From Can n/a Actually attempted two back to back beermiles and DNFed on the second one
6 Casey Gergly 8:45.0 M 20 From Cup n/a The only guy (other than Frank) who has dared venture into the abyss that is the ''Chunder Mile'' (4 pints of Guiness)
7 Patrick Binne 9:04.0 M 24 From Can Lucky
8 Stefan Arnason 9:15.0 M From Can Molson Dry
9 Melanie Gr?goire 9:47.0 F From Can n/a First place female
10 Marlowe Brownlee 9:53.0 M 21 From Can n/a
11 Josh Loewen 10:54.0 M 18 From Can n/a
12 Quin Ferguson 11:23.0 M 22 From Can n/a
13 Sheldon Kilcullen 11:50.0 M 23 From Can Lucky Ran with a bear rug as a cape
14 Patrick Kelly 12:02.0 M 20 From Can Lucky
15 Justin Brown 12:19.0 M From Can n/a
16 XXX XXX 12:21.0 M From Can n/a We don't know who this is. He simply put his name down as XXX. Also not certain of the gender, but it is a safe assumption that XXX is male.
17 Bob Bowles 12:25.0 M From Can n/a
18 Justin Bouch 12:27.0 F From Can n/a Second place female finisher
19 D?sire Budigoma 13:47.0 M From Can n/a
20 Alex Bell 14:07.0 F 18 From Can n/a
21 Dylan Ferguson 14:18.0 M From Can n/a
22 Dan Ferguson 15:18.0 M From Can n/a
23 Jon Kilcullen 16:00.0 M 24 From Can Lucky
24 Dan Amey 16:25.0 M From Can n/a
25 John Niziol 16:47.0 M From Can n/a
26 Aiden Richie 17:08.0 M From Can n/a
27 Jacques Marcoux 17:18.0 M 24 From Can Lucky
28 Justin Brown 17:46.0 M From Can n/a
29 Patrick S. 18:22.0 M From Can Coors Light
30 Chantal Auger 19:30.0 M 19 From Can n/a First beermile ever and did a drunken post race interview
31 Renfrew 20:54.0 M From Can M.D
32 Paul Carr 21:51.0 M 22 From Can Lucky
33 Rob Miln DNF M From Can n/a Rumour has it he got ditched by his friend, and about halfway through the race, he secretly vanished behind the stands, gathered his stuff and left the race in a hurry, before anyone noticed

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Race Notes:

This was the largest beermile turnout ever in Manitoba history.
Congratulations to Whip Hubley on his 3rd consecutive win with a time of 6:27 (only 6 seconds off Mike Booth's Provincial Record).
Special thanks goes out to Mike Beauregard for coming out to film the event.
ps. I noticed Peter Grewal (guy in the butterfly wings) was not in the results, but I just wanted to ensure everyone knew he was present and competing)