Manitoba 2008 Summer Beermile
Winnipeg, MB

Conditions: Dark Clouds with Lightning in the horizon (felt cold like winter actually)

created by user triathlon68

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. Corey "Whip Hubley" Gallagher   6:27.0  M21Lucky, from can  6 seconds off MB record
2. Danys "Heavy D" Dorge   6:35.0  M25Lucky, from can  Has removed all doubt surrounding his higly controvensial victory from '04
3. Andrew "Goose" Dauphinais   6:56.0  M25Lucerne Chocolate Milk, from bottle  First Chocolate Milk Mile since '04
4. Braeden Taylor   7:00.0  M21n/a, from can  
5. Colin Barnett   8:28.0  M19n/a, from can  Actually attempted two back to back beermiles and DNFed on the second one
6.Casey Gergly  8:45.0  M20n/a, from cup  The only guy (other than Frank) who has dared venture into the abyss that is the ''Chunder Mile'' (4 pints of Guiness)
7. Patrick "Binner" Binne   9:04.0  M24Lucky, from can  
8.Stefan Arnason  9:15.0  MMolson Dry, from can  
9.Melanie Gr?goire  9:47.0  Fn/a, from can  First place female
10. Marlowe Brownlee   9:53.0  M21n/a, from can  
11.Josh Loewen  10:54.0  M18n/a, from can  
12. Quin Ferguson   11:23.0  M22n/a, from can  
13. Sheldon "Maverick" Kilcullen   11:50.0  M23Lucky, from can  Ran with a bear rug as a cape
14. Patrick "PK" Kelly   12:02.0  M20Lucky, from can  
15. Justin Brown   12:19.0  Mn/a, from can  
16.XXX XXX  12:21.0  Mn/a, from can  We don't know who this is. He simply put his name down as XXX. Also not certain of the gender, but it is a safe assumption that XXX is male.
17.Bob Bowles  12:25.0  Mn/a, from can  
18. Justin Bouch   12:27.0  Fn/a, from can  Second place female finisher
19.D?sire Budigoma  13:47.0  Mn/a, from can  
20. Alex Bell   14:07.0  F18n/a, from can  
21.Dylan Ferguson  14:18.0  Mn/a, from can  
22.Dan Ferguson  15:18.0  Mn/a, from can  
23. Jon "Viper" Kilcullen   16:00.0  M24Lucky, from can  
24.Dan Amey  16:25.0  Mn/a, from can  
25.John Niziol  16:47.0  Mn/a, from can  
26.Aiden Richie  17:08.0  Mn/a, from can  
27. Jacques Marcoux   17:18.0  M24Lucky, from can  
28. Justin Brown   17:46.0  Mn/a, from can  
29.Patrick S.  18:22.0  MCoors Light, from can  
30. Chantal Auger   19:30.0  M19n/a, from can  First beermile ever and did a drunken post race interview
31.Renfrew   20:54.0  MM.D, from can  
32. Paul Carr   21:51.0  M22Lucky, from can  
33.Rob Miln  DNF  Mn/a, from can  Rumour has it he got ditched by his friend, and about halfway through the race, he secretly vanished behind the stands, gathered his stuff and left the race in a hurry, before anyone noticed

Race Notes:

This was the largest beermile turnout ever in Manitoba history.
Congratulations to Whip Hubley on his 3rd consecutive win with a time of 6:27 (only 6 seconds off Mike Booth's Provincial Record).
Special thanks goes out to Mike Beauregard for coming out to film the event.
ps. I noticed Peter Grewal (guy in the butterfly wings) was not in the results, but I just wanted to ensure everyone knew he was present and competing)

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