Paul Felix Bachalor Party
Ancaster, ON

Conditions: sunny 28 celcius, 530 pm

created by user kevinjt

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1.Michael "boner" Bown  7:07.0  M37Moosehead, from bottle  
2.Bob "BJ" Julian  7:14.1  M50Canadian, from bottle  
3.Michael "Booby" Biancchi  7:40.1  M28Canadian, from bottle  
4.Manny "Reebdog" Bonilla  8:20.1  M33Canadian, from bottle  
5.Kevin "Turtle" Tearle  8:59.8  M33Canadian, from bottle  
6.Paul "Swandive" Felix  9:00.1  M33Candiave, from bottle  some foam regurgitation

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