1st Annual Boulevard Beer Mile
Knoxville, TN

Conditions: Very Inclement

created by user jpeeden

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1.Joe "The Mustacheless Spitz" Peeden  7:05.0  M21Natural Light, from can  Birthday boy
2.Seth "Can I drink during the cool down?" Frank  7:39.0  M23Natural Light, from can  The man, the legend
3.Cal "I have that toga!!" Atchley  8:15.0  M20Natural Light, from can  
4.Nick "Kick it in!" Ponzio  8:45.0  M20Natural Light, from can  
5.Chris "I have an average" Cox  10:35.0  M20Natural Light, from can  
6.Charlie "Weak stomached" Carr  11:48.0  M22Natural Light, from can  Threw up on old ladies car
7.Matt? "I don't know you at all" ???  12:00.0  M20Natural Light, from can  The most dedicated athlete of the bunch
8.Kellie "I don't know your last name" ????  DNF  F20Natural Light, from can  

Race Notes:

It was my 21st birthday and what better way to celebrate than with a beer mile. Eight brave competitors braved the weather to perform what I will remember as the most badass night of my young life.

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