Initiation Cross-Country 2008
Sherbrooke, PQ

Conditions: Clear, 21 degrees, No wind.

created by user FatFrank

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. Remi "The King" Bouchard   5:57.0  M21Pabst Blue Ribbon, from can  Track Record / Meet Record
2. Olivier "Dodu" Lavoie   6:11.0  M19Budweiser, from can  
3. Micael "MikeBoule" Boulet   6:19.0  M26Budweiser, from can  
4.Valerie Belanger  7:57.0  F19Shooter, from cup  DQ - Illegal Drink
5.Cyril Menlay  8:07.0  M22Cold Shots, from can  
6. William Adam   8:13.0  M21Molson Dry, from can  L'homme au deux prenoms
7. Simon Bouchard   8:13.0  M22Pabst Blue Ribbon, from can  Pas encore un vrai Bouchard
8. Francois "Fat Frank" Menard   8:36.0  M26Bowes, from can  
9. Maxime Lajoie   8:54.0  M24Molson Dry, from can  
10.Sebastien Monette  9:18.0  M20Budweiser, from can  
11. Sarah Baribeau   9:55.0  F24Vodka drink, from cup  
12.Vicky Goyette  10:40.0  F21Heineken, from can  first lady
13.Pierre-Philippe Lachapelle  10:50.0  M22Heineken, from can  first guy after the first lady
14.Mathieu Lajoie  11:00.0  M23Molson Dry, from can  
15.Catherine Gauthier  11:28.0  F18Budweiser, from can  
16.Jean-Philippe P?land  12:55.0  M22Budweiser, from can  
17.Evelyne Robitaille  13:42.0  F19Heineken, from can  
18.Olivier Cote  14:10.0  M19Milwaukee's Best, from can  
19.Antoine Messager  14:15.0  M20Budweiser, from can  
20. Marc-Andre Roy   15:07.0  M23Milwaukee's Best, from can  
21.Jonathan "M&M" Charest  15:21.0  M20Budweiser, from can  Final lap in 55 sec
22.Kevin Landry  15:55.0  M20Budweiser, from can  
23.Marylise Andre  16:08.0  F21Corona, from can  
24.Clemence Trudel  16:26.0  F26Molson Ex, from can  
25.Matt Bilodeau  17:05.0  M19Budweiser, from can  
26. Gabriel Paquin   17:38.0  M21Molson Dry, from can  
27.Pierre-Etienne Theriault  18:03.0  M22Budweiser, from can  
28. James "Stop Cado" Cadovius   18:10.0  M23Milwaukee's Best, from can  Bell lap in 54,3 - New Record
29.Clement Ouellette  18:53.0  F20Budweiser, from can  
30. Elizabeth Parenteau   DNF  F20Vodka drink  
31. Mireille Rodrigue   DNF  F22Vodka drink  
32.Mia Salvail  DNF  F19Vodka drink  
33.Veronique Legault  DNF  F22Cold Shots  
34.Romuald Brieze  DNF  M25Corona  
35. Mathilde Batailler   DNF  F21Boris  
36.Julian Leblos  DNF  M23Molson X  
37.Julien Patenaude  DNF  M19Budweiser  
38.David-Alex Lacerte  DNF  M24Coors Light  

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