Peterborough Beer Mile Fall 2008
Peterborough, ON

Conditions: Cool, 5 degrees and windy

created by user dave

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. David "Defending Champ." Dame   8:14.0  M35Labbat's Blue, from can  Getting faster with age
2.Nick "The Rook" Hurrell  9:18.0  M25Budweiser, from can  Impressive first mile.
3.Tim "Need More Practice" Andrew  9:27.0  M44Budweiser, from can  Leading until the final lap, then the penalty came.
4.Jim "Spikeman" Fullarton  10:15.0  M43Canadian, from can  Penalty Lap
5.Dave "Slow & Steady" Dunne  12:00.0  M35Canadian, from can  Ran clean
6.Mark "Representing the Rowers" Busterfield  12:31.0  M22Coors, from can  
7.Nick "Where's My Boat" Reaume  12:41.0  M22Coors, from can  
8. Chris "I Love Uphills" Nichols   13:03.0  M24Coors, from can  Rookie Mile
9.Andrew "I Can't Believe I Puked" Shufelt  13:29.0  M34Labbat's Blue, from can  Penalty Lap
10. Amanda "Female Champ!" Dame   24:23.0  F36Labbat's Blue, from can  Beat Dunne on the first beer.

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