5th Annual Dave Smart Beer Mile
Victoria, BC

Conditions: Overcast, 0 C, snow on ground

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created by user hasallwind

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. Nick Walker   6:18.0  M25Granville Island Winter Ale, from bottle  
2. Mark Nelson   6:57.0  M25Granville Island Winter Ale, from bottle  
3. Tyler Trace   7:04.0  M24Lighthouse Race Rocks, from can  
4. Rob Britton   7:21.0  M24Lighthouse Race Rocks, from can  
5.Adam Lawrance  7:31.0  M39Okanagan Springs, from can  
6. Normon Thibault   7:59.0  M40Lighthouse Amber Ale, from can  
7. Ian Perriman   8:05.0  M33Okanagan Spings Ale, from can  
8. Shawn Nelson   8:08.0  M22Granville Island Winter Ale, from bottle  
9. Sean Windrum   8:42.0  M41Granville Island Winter Ale, from bottle  
10. Steve Mandy   8:48.0  M40Granville Island Winter Ale, from bottle  
11. Gabor Herner   8:57.0  M49Pipers Pale Ale, from can  
12. Paul Regensburg   9:06.0  M39Lighthouse Race Rocks, from can  
13. Donald Peterson   9:10.0  M39Lighthouse Riptide Pale Ale, from can  
14.Russell Anderson  9:29.0  M30Kokanee, from can  
15.Jarrett Moore  9:39.0  M20Granville Island, from can  
16. Greg Scott   9:45.0  M35Rickards Red, from can  
17. Mark Schurch   9:46.0  M34Phillips Phoenix Lager, from bottle  
18. Darren Katila   9:55.0  M42Granville Island Winter Ale, from bottle  
19.Cory Maysmith  10:20.0  M27Alexander Keiths, from can  
20.Roger White  10:22.0  M54Budweiser, from can  
21. Teddy Loveless   10:33.0  M33Kokanee, from can  
22.Kyle Schamhart  10:47.0  M21Budweiser, from can  
23. Dale Samsonoff   10:51.0  M38Bowen Island Honey Brown, from bottle  
24. Mike Herr   10:54.0  M32Lucky Lager, from can  
25.Darren Rinaldi  11:01.0  M35Heineken, from can  
26.Tony Bayles  11:36.0  M20Granville, from can  
27.Lindsay Williamson  11:40.0  F23Bowen Island Lager, from can  
28. Michelle Rowsell   11:52.0  F38Phillips Blue Buck, from bottle  
29.Katelyn Perry  12:27.0  F21Vancouver Islander, from can  
30.Ian Kant  13:21.0  M34Rickards Red, from can  
31.Tony Zarsadia  14:44.0  M34Lighthouse Race Rocks, from can  
32.Camilo Dominguez  15:48.0  M19Budweiser, from can  
33.Linda Tyrrell  16:32.0  F55  
34.E van Ernden  17:42.0  F34Granville Island Honey Lager, from bottle  
35. Andrew Wilkinson   19:21.0  M28St Ambroise Apricot, from bottle  
36.Nicole St James  20:46.0  F36St Ambroise Apricot, from bottle  
37.Drew MacKenzie  23:23.0  M30Lighthouse Race Rocks, from can  

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