3rd Annual Tucson Xmas Beer Mile
Tucson, AZ
December 25, 2008

Conditions: Overcast, 50 deg F, windy, drizzle

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created by user drslowride

Name Time Gender Age Beer Notes
1 dr. Slow Ride 9:43.0 M 46 From Can Budweiser
2 New Car Smell 9:47.0 M From Can Coors Light
3 Go Fuck Myself 9:48.0 M From Can Tecate
4 Non-Skidski Buttplug 10:31.0 M
5 Papa Don't Peek 12:05.0 M From Can Coors Light
6 Granny Panties 12:26.0 M From Can Budweiser
7 Klitty Litter 13:28.0 F From Cup mixed drinks
8 Stuffed In My Box 13:48.0 F From Can Coors
9 Bush Whacker 17:12.0 M From Can Bud Light penalty lap
10 Anal Licked a Hole 17:54.0 F From Can Tecate Light
11 Indecent Disposal 26:44.0 F From Bottle Budweiser mixed team included old dude in a wheelchair
12 I Love Fat Chicks 28:33.0 M From Can Coors Light penalty lap

Race Notes:

Papa Joe was pushed in wheelchair by Ind.Disp. (Butt Butt Ding Ding). Part of first ever triple century attempt (100 units of alcohol and 100 miles in 100 hours).