Tucson New Year Champagne Mile 2009
Tucson, AZ

Conditions: dunno...drunk

created by user drslowride

NameTimeSex Beer Notes
1. C.H.A.S.E.   8:09.0  MChampagne, from bottle  
2. dr. Slow Ride   9:35.0  MChampagne, from bottle  
3.Eskimo Pi Diver  9:42.0  MChampagne, from bottle  
4. Go Fuck Myself   10:26.0  MChampagne, from bottle  
5.Doctor Mudd  10:36.0  MChampagne, from bottle  
6. Papa Don't Peek   11:24.0  MChampagne, from bottle  
7.Napolean Bone A Part  13:35.0  MChampagne, from bottle  
8.Didja Bite My Penis  14:15.0  MChampagne, from bottle  
9.Cop U Late  14:50.0  MChampagne, from bottle  
10. Scooby In A Bottle   15:13.0  MMR Champagne, from bottle  
11.I.P. Freely  15:26.0  MChampagne, from bottle  
12.Examine Me  15:35.0  FChampagne, from bottle  
13.God Almighty  19:43.0  MChampagne, from bottle  
14. Klitty Litter   DNF  FChampagne, from bottle  

Race Notes:

We gathered at the Meet Rack, paid 9 bucks apiece for a bottle of champagne. Rules were to run Scooby's 0.26 mile loop through the neighborhood whilst drinking the bottle at the Rack...bottle had to be complete before commencing lap 4. Very good time, very bad wine.

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