Sarasota's Inaugural BeerMile
Sarasota, Florida

Conditions: Sunny - 78 degrees with a light breeze, low relative humidity.

created by user ocbudram

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1.Steve B.  8:34.2  M37Budweiser, from can  virgin beermiler - my hero
2.Marco Ztnih  8:43.2  M30Budweiser, from can  virgin beermiler - while wearing a skort!
3.Tom Frost  9:27.4  M31Coors, from can  virgin beermiler - watch out next time
4.Jackie Milller  10:15.4  F40Budweiser, from can  virgin beermiler - beat the boys off the line
5. L. Ana   15:50.3  F27Budweiser, from can  virgin beermiler - composed, secretly destroying the field
6.Andy B.  17:24.0  M28Heineken, from can  virgin beermiler - had the balls to drink premium beer
7.Aloha G. Frost  17:48.0  F30Coors, from can  virgin beermiler - she could repeat this 2x's over
8.Maty K.  19:21.4  M28Budweiser, from can  virgin beermiler - guinness pj pants - better next time... maybe better to foce it down, hurl, and sprint the penalty lap
9.Han BK  29:07.2  F29Budweiser, from can  the cutest virgin beermiler - vomited w/ penalty lap - will be back w/ redemption

Race Notes:

Budweiser can winner with a time of 8:34. Finishing tape. Huge crowd of supporters and wannabe's. email for pics.

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