Queensland Beer Mile Championship
Brisbane, Australia

Conditions: 28?C and Overcast-Scattered Showers

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created by user Digger

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. Adrian "Run67" Pearce   7:43.0  M41Tooheys Dry, from bottle  Four wins in a row!!
2. Geoff Holmes   8:16.0  M48Tooheys Dry, from bottle  
3.Walter Keleman  9:33.0  M55Tooheys Dry, from bottle  
4. Errol Holmes   9:49.0  M68Tooheys Dry, from bottle  
5. Blair "Bairi" Venn   10:04.0  M33Tooheys Dry, from bottle  
6. Ian "Radar" Lacey   10:11.0  M53Boags, from bottle  
7. Carl Schodde   12:22.0  M29Tooheys Dry, from bottle  
8.Steve Turner  12:35.0  M53Crown Lager, from bottle  
9. Phil "Hungers" Hungerford   15:02.0  M56Crown Lager, from bottle  
10.Ross Hopkins  15:25.0  M52Crown Lager, from bottle  
11. Nic Moloney   15:37.0  M31Tooheys Dry, from bottle  
12. Nori Ueda   16:38.0  M40Tooheys Dry, from bottle  
13. John "John the Kiwi" Douglas   21:06.0  M41Crown Lager, from bottle  

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