2009 Manitoba Winter Beer Mile
Winnipeg, MB

Conditions: 4 degrees Celsius, Overcast, Light wind

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created by user triathlon68

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. Braeden Taylor   6:18.0  M21Guiness (16oz), from cup  *unofficial time (see notes)
2. Corey "whip Hubley" Gallagher   6:19.0  M22Lucky, from can  New provincial record by 2 seconds (see notes)
3. Casey Gergely   7:38.0  M20Guiness (16oz), from cup  *unofficial time (see notes)
4.Kevin Lohrenz  7:56.0  M23Lucky, from can  
5. Greg Miller   8:13.0  M19Lucky, from can  
6.Oliver Gergely  8:41.0  M19Guiness (16oz), from cup  *unofficial time (see notes
7. Melanie Gregoire   8:46.0  F20Lucky, from can  1st place female
8. Andrea Hesketh   9:44.0  F19Lucky, from can  
9. Alex Bell   10:37.0  F20Guiness (16oz), from cup  *unofficial time
10.JM Mackay  11:20.0  M24Molson Dry, from can  
11. Desire "Di Bone" Budigoma   11:56.0  M20Keiths, from can  
12. Liz Van Every   12:17.0  F21Canadian, from can  
13.Adam Hildebrandt  12:30.0  M23Kokanee, from can  
14. Jacques "Daquirie" Marcoux   12:57.0  M24Budweiser, from can  
15.Will Bowyer  13:07.0  M21Lucky, from can  
16. Sheldon "Maverick" Kilcullen   14:04.0  M23Lucky, from can  Barfed on 1st beer (before commencing 1st lap)
17. Quin "Q-Tip" Ferguson   14:05.0  M20Keiths, from bottle  Was very visible
18. Justine Stromberg   14:56.0  F20Lucky, from can  
19. Stephen Campbell   15:46.0  M19Kokanee, from can  
20. Patrick Kelly   16:05.0  M20Budweiser, from can  
21. Justin Brown   16:40.0  M22Lucky, from can  
22. Doug Scott   16:40.0  M43Alpine, from can  Ran in Masters Category
23. Steve Wetton   17:35.0  M23Kokanee, from can  
24. Jon Kilcullen   17:45.0  M25Variety pack (Alpine, Keiths, Canadian,, from can  
25. Jordan Saccucci   18:10.0  M18Kokanee, from can  
26. Andrew Schellenberg   18:25.0  M22Harp, from can  
27.Kevin Morris  18:26.0  M21Canadian, from can  
28. Tyron Welchinski   19:02.0  M19Kokanee, from can  
29. Ryan Paradis   21:02.0  M24Lucky, from can  
30. Paul "Slippery Pete" Carr   22:58.0  M22Variety pack (Alpine, Keiths, Canadian,, from can  
31.Chantale Auger  23:35.0  F18Lucky, from can  
32. Kaylie Iserhoff   27:24.0  F19Keiths, from can  
33. Leanne Pearson   28:31.0  F19Kokanee, from can  

Race Notes:

First of all, congratulations to all who participated. With a total of 37 runners (a record high), it is clear that the legacy of beer-miling will continue long into the future ? getting passed down for generations to come.

The conditions on race day were not for the weak of heart. There were quite literally white caps in lane one, as runners ran in ankle deep water, which turned to slush, which then turned to slush and barf. Outstanding.

Now for the results. Before explaining the outcome it is critically important that all understand that it is my duty, as an impartial judge, to maintain the integrity of the beer-mile event by upholding the Kingston Rules as set out by the governing body (beermile.com). As the results commissioner, my duty is not to make the rules, but rather to interpret them as fairly as possible.

There was an element of controversy that arose during the review that will affect the final results. Braeden Taylor, Casey Gergely, Oliver Gergely and Alex Bell all competed in what is known infamously as the ??Chunder Mile??, which consists of drinking a pint of 5% beer from a glass followed by a 400m run four times ? vomiting allowed. However, according to the governing body (beermile.com) the Chunder Mile which in full is called ??The Queen?s Chunder Mile?? requires that the participant drink an Imperial Pint of 5% beer from a glass followed by a 400m run, four times ? vomiting allowed.

The complication arises from the difference between an American pint (16oz) and an Imperial pint (20oz). The cans of Guiness from which the four abovementioned participants poured their drinks were 4oz short of the required amount, for a total of 16oz short over the period of the entire race ? meaning nearly an entire beer more should have been consumed.

Since the difference between a conventional can of beer (12.5oz) is only 3.5oz less than the American pint (16oz) the advantage of drinking an American pint out of a glass is too great to represent a fair and equitable playing field for all the participants.

As such Mr. Taylor?s time of 6:18 (which is 3 seconds faster than the provincial record of 6:21 set by Mike Booth in 2003) will not be recorded as an official provincial record, nor will any of the times of the other Chunder Milers stand. Corey Gallagher?s time of 6:19 will, however, be the new provincial record for the conventional beermile.

That being said, the bravery and valour of the Chunder Milers cannot go unnoticed, for they are a rare and peculiar breed. Therefore, in the spirit of the beermile, the final positioning still stands (but the times of the Chunder Milers will not be official).

Braden Taylor is your 2009 Manitoba Winter beermiling champion!

(ps. In all future races, official attempts at the Queen?s Chunder Mile will require full 20oz Imperial pints be consumed in order for the results to be official.)

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