UofT Engineering Rugby!
Toronto, ON

Conditions: Clear and cool

created by user CNsingh

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1.Eric Bradshaw  8:14.0  M21Coca-Cola, from can  
2. Eric Giddings   11:04.0  M20Canadian  
3. Cass "The Hospitalizer" Evans   13:34.0  M20Stella, from bottle  He's gonna break your ankles
4. Corey Beckett   14:58.0  M19Lakeport Honey, from can  
5.Amelie Lesser  16:27.0  F21Pabst Blue Ribbon, from can  
6.Kevin Davis  17:14.0  M20Canadian  
7.Tristan Laycock  18:06.0  M18  
8.Chris Arnott  18:16.0  M21Budweiser  
9. Jenn Eversley   18:23.0  F20Canadian  
10. Mark Aldham   18:39.0  M22Lakeport Honey, from can  
11.Chris Tuff  19:15.0  M20Lakeport Honey, from can  
12.Stan Yoo  19:20.0  M18Lakeport Honey, from can  
13. Mike Aquino   19:51.0  M19Budweiser, from can  
14.John Daniel McNeil  20:02.0  M20Lakeport Honey, from can  
15. Luis Ramirez   21:20.0  M20Canadian, from bottle  
16. Pavel   21:36.0    
17.Taylor Walker  21:40.0  M19Corona, from bottle  
18.Dan Abram  23:02.0  M19Coors Light  
19. Chris "Coach" Singh   23:16.0  M21Lakeport Honey, from can  Just can't run & chug
20.Katerina Daginis  26:06.0  F19Lakeport Honey  
21. Shane Blackie   26:16.0  M19From can  He used tall boys
22.Zoriana Workun  26:48.0  F19Canadian  
23.Patricia Ko  34:44.0  F19Corona, from bottle  
24. Travis Coulter   DNF  M20Canadian  
25.Stephane DeVayst  DNF  M20Moosehead, from bottle  
26. Cameron Tymstra   DNF  M22Lakeport Honey  
27.Josh Priestman  DNF  M22Lakeport Honey, from can  
28.Rhea Salinas  DNF  F19Keith's, from bottle  
29.Kathy Grycko  DNF  F20Canadian  

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