No Sense Beer Mile - June 2009
Toronto, ON

created by user jchad

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. Uri Gorodzinsky   9:36.0  M32From can  
2.Mitchell Chad  10:22.0  M27Keiths, from bottle  
3.Jason Chad  10:26.0  M32Labbat's Blue, from can  
4.Ryan Gustafson  10:50.0  M32Budweiser, from can  
5.Greggor Madden  10:55.0  M32From can  
6. Noah Bass   11:32.0  M32From can  
7.Ben Reentovich  14:02.0  M32Labbat's Blue, from can  
8.Matthew Gustafson  16:38.0  M27From can  
9.Jeff Borsuk  24:00.0  M27From can  Extra puke lap
10.Steve Metzger  26:31.0  M32From can  Extra puke lap

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