2009 Nashville Beer Mile
Nashville, TN

Conditions: 94F, sunny, and humid!

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created by user bmenees

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. Phil "Zimmer" Zimmerman   8:57.8  M31Budweiser, from can  Overall Male Winner
2. Mark "Frothy Marky" Carver   8:59.0  M49Coors, from can  
3. Mike "The Attic Not The Basement" Hill   9:03.0  M48Coors, from can  
4.Mike "Tons of Fun" Roberts  9:43.0  M43Coors, from can  
5. Naked Hiking Guy   9:49.0  M50Budweiser, from can  
6. Andrew "Thunder" Holbrook   10:49.0  M31Miller High Life, from can  
7. Bill "Dragonslayer" Menees   12:05.0  M38Coors, from bottle  
8. Amy "USC Girl" Young   12:25.0  F29Budweiser, from can  Overall Female Winner
9. Justin "Breakdown" Patterson   13:41.0  M25Budweiser, from bottle  
10.Tom "Spew Wet Burp" Holland  14:39.0  M38Coors, from can  
11. Tonya "Black Warrior Princess" Lumphrey   14:54.0  F29Miller High Life, from can  
12. Tanya "Groin Chick" Savory   16:42.0  F48Budweiser, from can  
13. Amy "Firestarter" Oldham   17:18.0  F38Coors, from bottle  
14.Liz "Beer Baby" Holbrook  37:31.0  F27Miller High Life, from can  Threw up on lap 2 but stuck it out and ran a 5th lap
15.Lynda de Paulis  DNF  F63Blue Moon, from bottle  Ran four laps (14:48) but only drank half a beer each lap
16.Tomas de Paulis  DNF  M66Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, from bottle  Ran four laps (14:48) but only drank half a beer each lap

Race Notes:

This is a cross-country beer mile run in my back yard.

Results with age groupings at 2009 Results.txt

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