4th Annual Sask Beer Mile
Saskatoon, SK

Conditions: Sunny 25 degrees and 50 km/h wind gusts

created by user iballz

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. Iain "I-Ballz" McCormick   6:13.0  M24Kokanee, from can  New Sask Record, ran in hula skirt and coconut bikini
2.Julian DeClitoris  7:02.0  MBusweiser, from can  First Beer Mile
3.Alyosha "Yoshi" Boldt  8:19.0  M19Harp Lager, from can  First Beer Mile
4. Christina Calver   9:20.0  FPilsner, from can  First Female
5. Jeff "Choke" Adamson   9:38.0  M24Moosehead, from can  Has been first finisher after 1st female past 3 years
6.Benjamin Leis  12:49.0  M19GW Pilsner, from can  Puke Lap
7.Helen #1 Hanbitch  13:19.0  FBrewhouse, from can  Puke Lap
8.Katie #2 Hanbitch  14:08.0  FBrewhouse, from can  
9. Riley "Outleaned" Magee   14:09.0  MBudweiser, from can  Puke Lap
10. Erin "Noseplugs" Humphries   19:18.0  FGW Premium, from can  Plugged nose while drinking every beer, but no puking!
11.Terrance "Fairy Fireman" Rode  DNF  M25Kokanee, from can  Bad First Experience
12.Lisette "Hashouse" Schermann  DNF  FBrewhouse, from can  Vows vengeance on next beer mile
13.Jen "Jen" Jen  DNF  FGW Premium, from can  

Race Notes:

Iain "I-Ballz McCormick" sets new Saskatchewan provincial record.

Christina Calver is first female finisher.

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