2009 Manitoba Summer beermile championships
Winnipeg, MB

Conditions: 25 degrees mild wind, no clouds

created by user viper

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. Mike "boofy" Booth   6:05.0  M28Kokanee, from can  Set a new manitoba Provincial record. Only his second beermile ever.
2.Stephan Arnason  8:00.0  M23Lucky, from can  
3.Kevin Essau  8:08.0  M23Lucky, from can  
4. Mel Gregoire   8:14.0  FLucky, from can  First woman finisher. PB.
5. Pat Binne   8:19.0  M24lucky, from can  Left his fathers retirement party to do this thing. returned immidiately after it.
6. Colin "Bnettio" Barnett   8:45.0  M21Boxer,Keiths, from can  First person to puke everywhere
7. Marlowe "Dexter" Brownlee   8:50.0  M22Lucky, from can  
8. casey Gergely   9:07.0  M22Kokanee, from can  Beleives he was roofied last weekend
9.Andrea Heskew  9:09.0  F19Lucky, from can  
10. Steven Campbell   9:57.0  MKokanee, from can  
11. Tyrone "Robin Hood" Welchinski   10:07.0  M19Old Milwaukee, from can  Knight of the rectangular Table, Steals from the rich, shotguns with the poor
12. William Adama   10:15.0  MMoosehead, from can  
13. Justine "Biggy J" Stromberg   10:28.0  FLucky, from can  
14. Justin Brown   11:08.0  MLucky, from can  
15.Tyler Unknown  11:27.0  MKokanee, from can  
16. Alice Sherwin   11:28.0  FMolson Dry, from can  Puked all over herself multiple times
17. Sheldon "Maverick" Kilcullen   11:48.0  M24Lucky, from can  Dressed in a fatman suit/clown costume. He puked all over it many times. Had shotgunned a 6pack before hand.
18. Doug "Douger" Scott   11:54.0  MLucky, from can  Got in from churchill and went from the plain straight to the beermile
19.Ollie Gergely  12:00.0  MBudweiser, from can  Puked, than got owned in every drinking game afterwords
20.Di "booty" Bone  12:23.0  Mlucky, from can  Puked
21. Quin "Q-Tip" Ferguson   13:11.0  MLucky, from can  Dressed like a devil with a cape. Puked on Jon Kilcullen on lap 2.
22. Andrew Schellenburg   13:35.0  MRussel Cream, from can  Puked
23.Adam "Cunt" Hildenbrandt  13:45.0  MKeiths, from can  Puked
24.Lenny Steel  13:49.0  MKokanee, from can  
25. Zach Durand   13:50.0  Mlucky, from can  
26. Alex Bell   14:58.0  FKokanee, from can  Puked
27. Jon "Viper" Kilcullen   15:09.0  M25Old Milwaukee, from can  Knight of the rectangular table. Puked after Q-tip puked on him. Shotgunned a 6 pack before running
28.Derek Tozer  15:58.0  MKokanee, from can  
29. David "DK" Kelly   15:59.0  MLucky, from can  Puked. made himself a proton excellorator and ran with it. Possibly crossed streams which would explain his time.
30. Andrew "Scootsy" Dauphinais   16:29.0  M25Old Milwaukee, from can  Knight of the rectangular table. Speed walked the race, while smoking a colt. Had sword fights with the other knights as they ran by him.
31. Paul "Sanchez" Carr   18:29.0  M23Big rock variety pack, from can  His dick, was infact in the box. Puked on his box
32. Becky Carr   20:15.0  FLucky, from can  Did not enjoy her first beermile
33. Chantal "Orenthal James" Auger   20:21.0  FLucky, from can  Suspected of only drinking 3 beer. Puked.
34.Jamie Unknown  21:33.0  Mlucky, from can  Puked.

Race Notes:

The event had 35 people running it, and one MIA. Costumes as usual were out in force, as were the spectators.

The Fuzz once again did not catch wind of our event. Even if they had, they probably would have bowed down in awe of it.

The second place finisher was DQ'ed he was drinking half way around the corner and refused to stop.

Many of the girls were also suspected of drinking 3 beers and or cheating.

All in all a very good event.

Thats it and thats all
Peter funkin blow

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