LiTHe Syras Beer Mile 2009
Link?ping, Sweden

Conditions: Cloudy and rainy

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created by user liwing

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. Markus "Kenyan" Liwing   5:42.0  M19Spendrups 5% 330ml, from can  First time, Swedish record!
2.Jonas Wallin  6:39.0  M21Heineken 5% 330ml, from can  
3.Anton Blomgren  6:44.0  M330ml, from can  
4.Andreas Petersson  7:14.0  M330ml, from can  
5.Oscar V?ngell  7:39.0  M330ml, from can  
6. Henrik Tosteberg   8:13.0  M330ml, from can  
7.Viktor Larsson  8:17.0  M330ml, from can  
8.Jakob Wallenhammar  8:40.0  M330ml, from can  
9. Johan Nyman   8:57.0  M330ml, from can  
10.David Eriksson  9:31.0  M330ml, from can  
11.Hampus M?ller  10:19.0  M330ml, from can  
12.Andreas Nordfors  10:27.0  M330ml, from can  
13. Peter Eriksson   11:07.0  M330ml, from can  
14. Emil Kalered   11:33.0  M330ml, from can  
15. Fredrik Johansson   12:11.0  M330ml, from can  
16.Andreas Nyberg  13:10.0  M330ml, from can  
17.Emil J?nsson  13:36.0  M330ml, from can  
18.Olov Ericson  15:55.0  M330ml, from can  
19.Oskar Ekl?f  19:29.0  M330ml, from can  
20.Johan Goth  20:55.0  M330ml, from can  
21. Fredrik Larsson   21:01.0  M330ml, from can  
22. Johan Persson   21:03.0  M330ml, from can  
23.Erik Moqvist  21:35.0  M330ml, from can  
24.Emil Andersson  24:53.0  M330ml, from can  
25.Maria Schmiterl?w  31:40.0  F330ml, from can  
26.Erik Liljequist  41:32.0  M330ml, from can  
27.Alva Olsson  44:06.0  F330ml, from can  

Race Notes:

LiTHe Syra beermile 2009.

Held on a 395m lap, so the last lap were 20 m longer than the rest. 25 men and 2 women finished.

An uncut video :

A video with some seconds missing in the middle but better quality:

Everybody were drinking 330ml beer.

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