2nd Annual Fernhill Beermile
Portland, OR

Conditions: Cool and Cloudy

created by user punches

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1.Kevin "Cadillac" Cave  7:30.0  M29MacTarahans, from bottle  Looked smooth - 1/2 marathon that morning
2. Dan "Yank the Plank" Sheil   7:56.0  M36Modelo, from can  16 miles that morning
3. Scott "Saddle Bags" Schmittel   8:03.0  M42Hamms, from can  16 in the AM as well...
4.Gabe "The Governor" Heller  9:15.0  M29Budweiser, from bottle  
5.Mac "Braveheart" Strang  10:59.0  M30MacTarahans, from bottle  God Bless the Scottish
6. Pat "Handsome" Cross   11:15.0  M60Budweiser, from can  Very solid M60 performance
7.Dan "Viva Robusto" Fazio  12:41.0  M32Budweiser, from can  
8.David "Meatball" Askwith  13:48.0  M35Budweiser, from can  
9.Alex "Bones" Brown  14:38.0  M32Miller, from can  "Foamed up" recieved a penalty lap

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