2009 Horsecow Nationals (Miller Mile)
Davis, Ca

Conditions: nice cool night

created by user tocep0

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. Old Guy   7:12.0  M38From can  
2. Alex "WolfManHorseCow (4 animals in one!)" Wolf-Root   7:46.0  M22From can  
3.Old Guy3  8:48.0  M40From can  
4. Ross   10:46.0  MFrom can  
5. Eddie   12:05.0  MFrom can  
6.Eminem   13:06.0  MFrom can  puked but continued, so DQ
7.Dobby   15:55.0  MFrom can  
8. Sam   16:10.0  FFrom can  puked twice and continued, so DQ

Race Notes:

davis rules rule: 5 beers, 4 laps, vomiting = DQ, can must be crushed (thus no bottles), beers can be less than 5% ABV, but no cider, milk, soda, non-alcoholic beer, etc.

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