1st Annual Runnin' Rebels Beer Mile
Nashville, TN

Conditions: Perfect

created by user simmie513

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. Joe "Maverick" Frye   6:59.5  M21Miller, from can  240 lb Thrower/Beastly Man
2. Kip "The Responsible Adult" Hill   9:32.3  M21Coors, from can  
3.Ben McGlothlin  9:44.7  M22Coors, from can  Puked/Extra Lap
4.Will Peters  11:38.1  M21Coors, from can  
5.Jordan "Jandy" Anderson  14:25.1  M21Miller, from can  Puked/Extra Lap
6.Matt "Fiedle Sticks" Fiedler  16:53.4  M21Miller, from can  Puked with 40 meters to go

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