Sport Systems First Annual Beer Mile
Albuquerque, NM

Conditions: Dry, mild, night

created by user sportsystems

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1.Kevin Coch  5:00.0  M25Point Special, from can  
2. Brian   6:00.0  M26Bud Light, from can  
3.Pat Vigil  18:00.0  F60Tecate, from can  
4. Greg   20:00.0  M23Tecate, from can  
5.Likhaya Dayile  DNF  M31Tecate, from can  
6.Stasia Ploskonka  DNF  F23Tecate, from can  
7.Steve Hyde  DNF  MTecate, from can  
8.John Nenninger  DNF  MTecate, from can  
9.Mike McBrayer  DNF  MTecate, from can  
10.Jason Waite  DNF  M31Tecate, from can  
11.Emily Simon  DNF  F21Tecate, from can  
12. Brendan   DNF  MTecate, from can  
13.Pavel Babushka  DNF  M21Tecate, from can  

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