4th Annual BHSU Beer Mile
Spearfish, SD

Conditions: Icy and Cold with a hint of epic

created by user mazzados

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1.Allen "allawoo" (4 time) Wood  7:00.0  M24Budwieser, from can  
2.Jeremy "CaveCrab" Miller  8:56.0  M22Budwieser, from can  completely unexpected
3.Trev "goldenlocks" Fiedler  9:10.0  MBudwieser, from can  beats older brother again
4.Alex "WTF" ?  9:33.0  MBud Light, from can  who are you
5. M "defeated you in the cave" M II   9:46.0  M22Miller Geniune Draft, from can  A solid effort
6.Neil "Severus" Long  10:30.0  M21Budwieser, from can  potions and shit
7. K "almost as bad as" F   10:42.0  M22Budwieser, from can  penalty lap
8. Jed "Kids on a stringer" Morgan   11:07.0  MPabst Blue Ribbon, from can  jaine wasn't as good as Led today
9.Jason "Kobe" (Easy) Bierle  11:57.0  MPabst Blue Ribbon, from can  three quarter boner
10.Dan "Puker" (Lets go Fishing) Brelje  12:01.0  M22Budwieser, from can  penalty lap
11. Brock "Freshman of the year" Mickelsen   12:02.0  MBudwieser, from can  beats his roomate for freshman dominance
12.Aaron "crow hater" Hieser  12:04.0  MPabst Blue Ribbon, from can  Quddus ran with him in spirit
13.Eric "Caleb's Bud" ?  12:23.0  MBudwieser, from can  a strong debut
14.Garret "good effort" ?  12:32.0  MBud Light, from can  Next year bring Heavy beer
15.Benji "bark" ?  12:34.0  MBud Light, from can  this kid is half dog so I don't know if that counts
16. Josh "wooped by Brock" Wilson   13:16.0  MBudwieser, from can  this kid got Brocked
17.Jordan "you did bad" ?  13:45.0  MBud Light, from can  also, who are you
18.Carl "Calvin's bro" Freed  15:55.0  MBudwieser, from can  this kid is sweet
19.Caleb "dude your horrible at this" Arnesh  24:40.0  MBudwieser, from can  atleast you finished I guess

Race Notes:

People said it couldn't happen, people said, "there is no way he will win again" But for the 4th year in a row Allen Wood retains the traveling trophy.

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