Whose Idea Was This Beer Mile
Chicago, IL

Conditions: Slushy, snowy, mess.

created by user bberman

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1.Eric "Zootsuit Riot" Seigmann  11:25.0  M34Budweiser, from can  
2.Matthew "Mattastic" Smith  12:07.0  M28Budweiser, from can  
3.Greg "Blue Thunder" Wright  12:17.0  M29Budweiser, from can  
4.Alex "Adawg" Estill  13:07.0  M28Budweiser, from can  
5. Brian "Sexy time" Berman   15:21.0  M29Budweiser, from can  
6.Kirstin "Boo Boo" Francour  18:37.0  F30Budweiser, from can  
7. Chris "Yogi" Hall   18:37.0  MBudweiser, from can  
8.Jillian "The Contender" Henss  21:04.0  F32Budweiser, from can  

Race Notes:

First Beer Mile for all participants.

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