WCU Track / X-C Alumni Beer Mile
West Chester, PA

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NameTimeSex Beer Notes
1.Ben Showers  7:00.0  M  
2. John Loughin   7:07.0  M  
3.Tim Meade  7:08.0  M  
4.Doug Mascherino  7:23.0  M  
5.Steve Kochel  7:25.0  M  
6. Rob Jones   7:49.0  M  
7. Dave Keefe   8:03.0  M  
8. Matt Sandercock   8:12.0  M  
9.Jay Langford  8:54.0  M  
10. Jeff Markle   9:10.0  M  
11.Bill Showers Jr.  9:15.0  M  
12.Bob Crowley  9:38.0  M  
13. Scott Burns   9:40.0  M  
14.Duane Renninger  9:45.0  M  
15. Jason McCambridge   9:58.0  M  boot
16.Doug Burd  10:04.0  M  
17.Dave Musser  10:25.0  M  
18.Ken Glah  10:37.0  M  
19.Gary Rarer  10:40.0  M  
20. Mike Smith   10:56.0  M  boot
21.Kevin Kelly  10:57.0  M  boot
22.Bill Showers Sr.  11:01.0  M  
23. Ryan Phillips   11:09.0  M  boot
24.Kelly Kearns  11:24.0  F  
25.Ron Gest  11:34.0  M  
26.Tim Zwall  12:23.0  M  
27.Jen Sosh  13:08.0  F  
28. Nick Tantaros   13:23.0  M  
29.Steve Jones  14:21.0  M  
30.Michelle DeMarco  15:25.0  F  
31.Lisa Wynne  15:57.0  F  

Race Notes:

The 2001 Beer Mile was an exciting event matching WCU alumni, current varsity, and distinguished area competitors (Villanova Univ., Pottstown Pacers) on the track on Dec. 21. Although held under secret conditions at a local track that will remain undisclosed, 32 competitors and a throng of 25 witnessed and wagered their bets on the race - some predictions came true, while there were some upsets. All in all, a FUN time for all.

* Cookies Tossed

** Major Eruption

Team Standings
1, Open, 33:59 (Ben Showers, Ben Giess, Bill Showers Jr., Ken Glah)

2, Varsity, 36:00 (Doug Masherino, Steve Kochel, Scott Burns, Dave Musser)

3, Pottstown Pacers, 36:27 (Tim Meade, Jay Langford, Duane Renninger, Gary Rarer)

4, Team B, 37:04 (Rob Jones, Dave Keefe, Bob Crowley, Ron Gest)

5, Team C, 39:15 (Matt Sandercock, Jason McCambridge, Doug Burd, Bill Showers Sr.)

6, Team A, 40:10 (John Loughin, Mike Smith, Kevin Kelly, Ryan Phillips)

7, Team D, 54:28 (Jeff Markle, Tim Zwall, Nick Tantaros, Steve Jones)

8, Women A, 56:04 (Kelly Kearns, Jen Sosh, Michelle DeMarco, Lisa Wynne)

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