Queensland Beer Mile Championship 2010
Brisbane, Australia

Conditions: 33C and sunny

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created by user nugget

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. Adrian "Run67" Pearce   7:34.0  M42Tooheys Extra Dry, from bottle  
2. Chris Noble   8:05.0  M423 EGGS & MILK, from cup  eggnog mile!
3.David Abrey  8:22.0  M28Tooheys Extra Dry, from bottle  
4. Brad Barsch   8:32.0  M43Tooheys Extra Dry, from bottle  
5.Susannah "Nugget" Harvey-Jamieson  8:36.0  F36Schnitzer Brau, from bottle  relay with below
6.Andrew Woodhouse  8:36.0  M28Tooheys Extra Dry, from bottle  relay with above
7.David Haddon  9:09.0  M46Tooheys Extra Dry, from bottle  
8. Blair "Balri" Venn   9:24.0  M34Tooheys Extra Dry, from bottle  
9.Gary Lebsanft  9:40.0  M32COKE, from bottle  coke mile
10.Mandy-Lee Scott  9:57.0  F33MAGNUM ICE CREAM  magnum mile
11.Nicholas "prewannebe" Moloney  10:11.0  M32Tooheys Extra Dry, from bottle  
12.Michael Schultz  11:03.0  M54COKE, from bottle  coke mile
13.Karen Wiersma  11:25.0  F42MAGNUM ICE CREAM  magnum mile
14.Judy Briscoe  11:33.0  F47MAGNUM ICE CREAM  magnum mile
15.Andrew Keyt  11:40.0  M37Tooheys Extra Dry, from bottle  
16.Phillip Hungerford  12:00.0  M57Schnitzer Brau, from bottle  
17. Nina Studenko   12:12.0  F24Tooheys Extra Dry, from bottle  New female record
18.Angela Keyt  12:24.0  F34MAGNUM ICE CREAM  magnum mile
19.Alun "Tafftrail" Davies  16:10.0  M44Tooheys Exta Dry, from bottle  
20.Ben Phelp  DNF  M27Tooheys Extra Dry, from bottle  
21.Warren Lane  DNF  M37COKE, from can  coke mile

Race Notes:

This is being organised by The Run Inn and is in place of the previous years that have been organised by Bruce Hargreaves (Digger)
Race included other choices including the Magnum Ice Cream, Coca Cola and one very brave sole who devoured 3 raw eggs in 200ml milk every 400 metres!

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