UHHH 2010 Beer mile
Greenville, S.C.

Conditions: COLD....Ice around track

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created by user rigor

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. Chris "BJ's for balls" C   6:54.0  M27icehouse, from can  State Record
2. Scott "Rigor mortis" B   7:10.0  M38icehouse, from can  17:30 double beer mile
3. Tom "NFHN Tom" G   8:47.0  M32icehouse, from can  
4. Ray "No cocky Bukake" H   8:51.0  M38icehouse, from can  
5. John "Needle Thruster" P   11:15.0  M28icehouse, from can  
6. Shawn "Iltalian Job" Y   11:45.0  F24icehouse, from can  
7. Alan "Bad Dad" S   12:00.0  M55icehouse, from can  
8. Andy "Rip van Tinkle" C   13:10.0  F24icehouse, from can  
9. John "NFHN John" B   13:30.0  M25icehouse, from can  
10. Jay "chair banger" K   13:47.0  M35icehouse, from can  
11. Mike "Pink n sitink" D   15:30.0  M38icehouse, from can  
12.Tonya "Oh no not butt sex again" D  16:36.0  F35icehouse, from can  
13. Hal "NFHN Hal" R   20:12.0  M40icehouse, from can  
14. Scott "Grandpa yank my dick" E   22:51.0  M45icehouse, from can  
15. Melissa "NFHN Mel" G   25:16.0  F32icehouse, from can  
16. Maggie "Farteen" L   25:17.0  F35icehouse, from can  
17. Phi "Phi fi no cum" N   48:00.0  M25icehouse, from can  

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