Unsponsored Beermile of Bisbee '09
Bisbee, AZ

Conditions: warm and clear

created by user usdave

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1.GoFuckMyself   10:36.0  MMiller Lite, from can  
2.VictorVictoria   10:44.0  MMilwalkees Best, from can  
3.BFlat   11:04.0  F?, from bottle  
4.NewCarSmell   11:51.0  M?, from cup  
5. DidYaBiteMyPenis   12:59.0  M?, from keg  
6. SemperFelinus   13:39.0  MMilwalkees Best, from can  
7.PaceHer   16:00.0  MMiller Lite, from can  
8. FooCumYu   16:56.0  M43COORS, from can  Never use Coors
9.FunkyMonkeySpunk   17:00.0  MMiller lite, from can  
10. CandyMan   17:26.0  MTecate, from can  
11.R.U.F.U.S.   19:10.0  MBudweiser, from can  unwitnessed hurl
12. BusJob   19:38.0  MTecate, from can  
13.KatSpat   19:48.0  F?, from bag  
14.ScoobyInABottle   21:41.0  MMiller Lite, from can  
15. Twatermelon   23:18.0  FBudweiser, from bottle  
16. CharlotteTheHarlot   33:00.0  F?, from helmet  

Race Notes:

Joe The Analist DNF
Team C.H.A.S.E. 10:25 (who relays a beermile honestly)

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