St. Patrick's Day Beer Mile
Vancouver, BC

Conditions: Sunny

created by user tskinner1

NameTimeSex Beer Notes
1.Jordan Myers  8:12.0  MLa Fin du Monde, from bottle  That beer was 9%, dude!
2. Tom Skinner   8:26.0  MLighthouse Stout, from can  
3.Ryan Casselman  9:59.0  MPhillip's Blue Buck, from bottle  
4. Thomas Howard   12:09.0  MLucky, from can  
5.Newton Hoang  12:13.0  MYukon Red Ale, from bottle  Allergic to alcohol - ended up in Emergency. And yes, he got an IV.
6.Kevin Thomson  13:37.0  MKeith's Amber Ale  

Race Notes:

Balaclava Track - 2:30pm

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