2nd Annual Thunder Bay Beermile
Thunder Bay, ON

Conditions: chilly, breezy, drizzly and furry.

created by user basebeer

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1.Matt Cuddy  7:17.0  M21Schlitz, from can  crazy virgin
2. Sheldon "Maverick" Kilcullen   9:41.0  M24Old Milwaukee, from can  DNV= DID NOT VOM!!
3. Doug "Doug'er" Scott   11:01.0  MBudweiser, from can  One furry guy.
4. Jon Kilcullen   11:24.0  M26Old Milwaukee, from can  Sans-Vom.
5. Dave Depiero   13:34.0  M28Old Milwaukee, from can  Maybe a puker?
6. Darrell "18 Minute Beater" Wright   16:07.0  M32Innis and Gun, from can  VIKING! puker.
7. Kaylie "three-quart" Iserhoff   20:16.0  F20Budweiser, from can  1st puker.
8.Daniel Stilla  21:50.0  M20Kokanee, from bottle  Just had wisdom teeth removed and might have vomited up a stitch.
9.Erin Campbell  25:53.0  F20Old Milwaukee, from can  First timer. Hopefully not a last-timer. Puker.
10.Ally "Hooters" Stuart  31:16.0  F20Canadian, from can  Nympho virgin. Puker.

Race Notes:

small but mighty turnout.

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