2010 Manitoba Winter Beermile
Winnipeg, MB

Conditions: Clear skies, 8 degrees

created by user viper

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. Corey "Whipper" Gallager   5:57.0  M24Richards Red, from bottle  Set a new manitoba beermile record after the former record holder ducked him...again.
2. Braden   6:23.0  MFrom can  
3. Jacques "Daquirie" Marcoux   6:33.0  M25Kokanee, from can  
4.Kevin Lorenze  7:02.0  MLucky Extra, from can  
5. Andrew "Scootsie" Dauphinais   7:11.0  M26Budweiser, from can  The movie Avatar might have come from him..made the bond during the race
6. Pat S   7:30.0  MKokanee, from can  
7.Mel Gregior  7:56.0  FLucky, from can  
8. pat "P.Binn" binne   8:28.0  M25Brewhaus, from can  
9. Tyrone "Robin Hood" Welchinski   8:31.0  M20Old Millwauke, from can  Once squated 300lbs...true story
10. Casey Gergely   9:13.0  MFrom can  
11.Stephan "Scraggles" Campbell  9:31.0  MKokanee, from can  Was killed during WW2, layed frozen in the land of the dutch untill he was awoken by some hickers...he fed on thier brains, learned of the beermile and spent the next 60 years on route.
12. JP   9:46.0  MOld Milwauke, from can  Showed Up with lite beer and was boo'ed Untill someone gave him regular beer.
13. Jordan S   9:47.0  MKeiths, from can  
14.Brenden "Juicy" Muise  10:17.0  MKokanee, from can  He traded Tom brady for Eli manning in a keeper league....
15. Greg Miller   10:27.0  MLucky, from can  
16. Rich D   10:31.0  MKeiths, from can  
17. Andrea Hesketh   10:32.0  Flucky, from can  
18.Zach Durrand  10:59.0  MBudweiser, from can  
19. Mike   11:08.0  MLucky, from can  
20. Mike   11:08.0  Mkeiths, from can  
21. Josh   11:38.0  MBrewhaus, from can  
22. Alex Bell   11:50.0  Flucky, from can  
23. Andrew "Schellzy" Schellenburg   12:37.0  MHarp, from can  He got Tom Brady for Eli manning in a keeper league....
24. Riley   13:32.0  M  
25. Ross   13:59.0  MBrewhaus, from can  
26. Steve Wetton   14:03.0  MKokanee, from can  
27. Scott Adamson   15:12.0  MKokanee, from can  
28. Sheldon "Maverick" Kilcullen   15:37.0  M25Old Milwauke, from can  Didnt make it to the bar at 9pm..the night before. Puked for several hours at work before the race
29. Paul "slippery Pete" Carr   16:10.0  M23Richards Variety pack, from bottle  A midget Avatar
30. jason ancelin   16:42.0  Mkokanee, from can  
31.DK "Donkey Kong"   16:59.0  MLucky, from can  On a Mission from Gad
32. adam carrigan   17:07.0  Mkeiths, from can  
33. Doug "Douger" Scott   17:49.0  M40Extra Old Stock, from can  This Doctor perscribes more beer.
34. jacky p   17:49.0  Flucky, from can  
35. Justine Stromberg   17:57.0  FLucky, from can  
36. Michelle   18:18.0  FBudweiser, from can  
37.Jackie Adamson  18:18.0  FKokanee, from can  
38. Jon "Viper" Kilcullen   18:52.0  M26Club, from can  Passed out at 11 the night before.
39.Lindsey H  20:04.0  FKokanee, from can  
40. Peter "Pistol Pete" Doroshuk   20:13.0  M24Brewhaus, from can  Was suspected of being either a Narc or a mexican alien
41. Brian S   21:02.0  MLucky, from can  
42. Laura A   22:58.0  FKokanee, from can  
43. Mark C   24:04.0  MLucky, from can  
44. Sheila A   25:03.0  FKokanee, from can  
45. Chantal "Orenthal James" Auger   28:30.0  FLucky, from can  
46.BigT   28:58.0  MMolson Dry, from can  
47. Tony "Veg-Italian-Stallion" Pucci   29:25.0  M26Old Milwauke, from can  Flew 2200 km simply to 'run' this beermile.
48.Marshall Galloway  32:03.0  MLucky, from can  
49.PK   32:03.0  MBudweiser, from can  Also on a mission from Gad
50. Kaylie "3/4" iserhoff   32:16.0  Flucky, from can  Lion Fucker...Do you require assistance?
51. Me   33:44.0  FBudweiser, from can  One of the drunkest people there....after 2 beer.
52. Brian T   33:49.0  MBottle of wine/Cigar, from bottle  popped open a bottle of wine, poured it in a glass, drank the glass, smoked a cigar and ran a lap..than repeated..3 more times.
53. Megan   35:35.0  FKeiths, from can  
54. Jeff   36:03.0  MKeiths, from can  
55.Ying "ping pong" Ping  45:00.0  FKeiths, from can  
56. Chris H   DNF  MKokanee, from can  

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