6th Annual Jacksonville Beer Mile
Jacksonville, FL

Conditions: Hot

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created by user oshott

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. Owen "Rider" Shott   6:02.0  M30Coors, from can  Went for State Record, but came up short. New PR and Track record.
2. Justin "bringin Steam" Breidenstein   6:50.0  M33Coors, from can  Great 2nd place finish. Big PR
3.The Professor  7:15.0  M30Coors, from can  Rookie Of the Beer
4. Rick "The Game" Patterson   7:16.0  M40Budweiser, from can  What can you say a PR is a PR. Patty is back!
5.Allie "Indian Princess" Ritter  7:31.0  F22coors, from can  rookie Beer Miler takes down reigning Female state champ and finishing with 6th best female time in the world
6. Jo "u Been Girled" Shott   7:37.0  F30coors, from can  she lost her crown but still brought a steller 40 sec PR performance
7. Tripp "dirty South" Southerland   7:56.0  M25coors, from can  pre-race pep talk with beer didn't work out as well as he planned was on pace for top 2 until vomit attack
8.Matt "girled Twice" Altman  7:59.0  M21budweiser, from can  strong showing only lost to two girls... haha!
9. Lindsay "pottery Barn" Sundell   8:21.0  F23coors, from can  BIG PR and almost caught Dirty South lover
10.Jeff "USS Commando" Tomaszewski  8:25.0  M35coors, from can  This Navy guy webcasted in a great Rookie performance... live attempt is coming next yr
11.Steve Kraim  8:58.0  M23budweiser, from can  
12.Courtney "I took down JC" Phillips  10:41.0  F35budweiser, from can  Watch out, JC! Courtney's rookie beer mile was very impressive!
13. Alex Hills   11:24.0  M21coors, from can  
14. Jason Lewis   11:53.0  M35Budweiser, from can  2nd best JU Alumin showing. Go Allie
15. Chuck Emerson   11:54.0  M30Budweiser, from can  great Kick almost got Jason
16.Steve Star  12:55.0  M35Budweiser, from can  Strong 1st time showing
17.Tyrone "I'm not Mexican" Gayle  14:09.0  M25Modelo, from can  Wrong beer of choice. Best Puke of the year Award
18.Lucy "Giggles" Green  14:30.0  F21coors, from can  Couldn't stop smiling the whole time.
19.David Howard  14:30.2  M23Coors, from can  
20.Sky Johnson  15:03.0  F34Budweiser, from can  Had pretty strong post race puke!
21.Matt Breidenstein  15:28.0  M25Budweiser, from can  Hey who is that Justin guy?
22.Aubery Hersborin  15:29.0  F31Budweiser, from can  
23.Robbie Johnson  17:09.0  M35Budweiser, from can  
24.Trevor Beasly  17:41.0  M24Budweiser, from can  Expected more out of a Canadian sub 15 5k guy
25.Darrin "Red" DeTorres  18:42.0  M23coors, from can  Disappointing for as fast as he can drink
26.Ryder Leary  DNF  M25Budweiser, from can  Expected ALOT more out of an Irish sub 15 5k guy
27.Brad Orr  DNF  M23Budweiser, from can  

Race Notes:

What a Beer Mile! We had a world best time for 2010 and 2 top ten all-time female best time. 25 total finishers with another 25 spectators. Check out facebook for all the photos and action shots. Join us next year: email me at oshott@yahoo.com

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