Tauranga Domain Beer Mile
Tauranga, New Zealand

Conditions: Cloudy and cold

created by user ckone

NameTimeSex Beer Notes
1.Steve O'Callaghan  6:24.0  MVB, from can  Defending champion wins again with a respectable PB
2. Craig Kirkwood   6:37.0  MVB, from can  The only race where he can still PB
3. Adrian Lysaght   7:15.0  MVB, from can  Very solid debut
4. Iain MacDonald   7:49.0  MVB, from can  5min PB...says it all really.
5. Kyle Macdonald   8:34.0  MVB, from can  Disappointing effort for someone who trains for this event all year
6. Mark Reid   8:46.0  MVB, from can  Flying effort
7. Dan Smith   8:48.0  MVB, from can  Captain of the Gay Fan
8. Richard Harris   9:09.0  MVB, from can  Still showing a lack of form
9.John Gray  9:57.0  MVB, from can  1min PB
10. Duane Braithwaite   10:55.0  MVB, from can  lucky to not be last
11.Jason Steinross  10:59.0  MGinger Beer, from bottle  If he hadn't finished last, he would have been last with that choice of beverage - apparently he doesn't drink.

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