4fth Annual River Falls Days Beer Mile
River Falls, WI

Conditions: sunny, 83, no wind

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created by user jimfelling

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. Ricky Hoffman   6:38.0  M21Hamms, from can  
2. James Felling   7:03.0  M31Schmidts, from can  
3.Joe Sonnek  7:30.0  M45Budwieser, from can  
4. Scott Bowman   7:45.0  M21Premium, from can  
5. Shad Gausman   8:01.0  M21Michelob, from can  
6. Nate Huneke   8:17.0  M23Hamms, from can  
7. JD Rojas   8:21.0  M26Hamms, from can  
8. Bill Petsch   8:23.0  M59Budwieser, from can  what will all want to be when we
9. Bobby Hanson   10:27.0  M25Michelob, from can  
10. Jason Phillippi   12:12.0  M23Michelob, from can  fast, but can't handle the beer! *penalty lap
11. Cary Cardinal   13:42.0  M26Linies, from can  
12.Andy Kaufman  13:47.0  M25Michelob, from can  
13.Dusty Littlefield  14:31.0  M24Michelob, from can  
14.Ben Hange  19:00.0  M23Michelob, from can  *penalty lap
15.Jony Allen  21:34.0  F29Pabst Blue Ribbon, from can  redhead
16.Sarah Rudesill  21:34.0  F27Hamms, from can  redhead
17. Pat Lorentz   24:30.0  M31Hamms, from can  this ain't skiing
18.Jill Crandell  26:20.0  F27Hamms, from can  with 2 hudles on last lap; 1st finish after 3 dnf attempts!
19. Rob Nichols   DNF  M26Hamms, from can  
20. Adam Sumser   DNF  M23Schmidts, from can  
21.Tony Casi  DNF  M22Schmidts, from can  
22. Lucas Martin   DNF  M31light beer, from can  walked
23. Kevin McDonough   DNF  M26light beer, from can  walked
24.Kyle Donavan  DNF  M23light beer, from can  walked
25.Zach Moe  DNF  M23light beer, from can  walked
26.Jen Koecher  DNF  F23light beer, from can  walked
27.Laura Murphy  DNF  F23light beer, from can  walked
28.Andrew Reckard  DNF  M23light beer, from can  walked

Race Notes:

The race brought in more than 50 spectators and racers. The most competitive event in its fourth year running.

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