2nd Annual Preseason Projectile Classic
Jacksonville, FL

Conditions: 87 and sunny

created by user johnnybucs

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1.Dennis* "pussywart" Ho*  10:48.0  F31Stella*, from bottle  11.2 oz beer
2.Bryan "The Wiz" Massey  11:25.0  M3Miller High Life, from can  Best Sportsmanship
3. Jim "Corndog" Stracke   12:14.0  M39Miller High Life, from can  Defending Champ
4. John "Freckle Dick" Henson   13:07.0  M30Lord Chesterfield Ale, from bottle  300 miles of disappointment
5. Ryan "The Devil's" Spohn   13:19.0  M34Miller High Life, from can  Finished with a kick
6.Mike "The Matador" Mullis  13:32.0  M30Dale's Pale Ale, from can  strong start. strong beer.
7.James "Gun Neck" Cumberland  14:14.0  M3Heineken, from can  prerace beer strategy
8.Alex "gimme some" Moore  14:23.0  M2Miller High Life, from can  ginger representative
9. Ben "Dirty" Davis   15:28.0  M3Dale's Pale Ale, from can  see mike mullis
10. Todd "Lazyface" Owen   16:10.0  M21Miller High Life, from can  no trash
11.Thomas "T-Bag" Johnson  16:45.0  M24Miller High Life, from can  trashman
12. Barry "The Condor" Floyd   19:39.0  M37budweiser, from can  no puke
13.Erika "Ain't No Dummy" Douglas  21:33.0  Fbudweiser, from can  Women's Winner
14. Andy "drunk jesus" Nagy   21:50.0  M1Sierra Nevada, from bottle  thanks for playing.
15.Lanae "the sleeper" Savu  DNF  F28Miller High Life, from can  nice try
16.Chris "pet name" Petit  DNF  M???, from can  oops
17.Aimee "Lil Sumpin" Stoneking  DNF  FMiller High Life, from can  tied for first in the last name contest
18.Amy "What'd You Say?!" Woodcock  DNF  FMiller High Life, from can  co champ last name. long lost twin sister
19. John   DNF    

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