2010 Rudolph Bay Beer-Mile
Winnipeg, MB

Conditions: Clear, 16?C

created by user Syntax

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. Steve "Stevo" Kessler   18:24.0  M263 Keystone + 1 Kokanee, from can  Surprise winner!
2. Steve "Steveburger" Wetton   18:31.0  M24Kokanee, from can  Almost puked, yet managed to maintain puke-free streak.
3. Adam "A.C." Carrigan   20:27.0  M25Kokanee, from can  
4. Jason Ancelin   22:56.0  M25Kokanee, from can  
5. Michael "GFC" Capner   48:06.0  M24Kokanee, from can  Took his sweet time.
6. Chris Wittick   DNF  M23Budweiser, from can  Drank too much before race. Poured out beer behind himself. Disqualified. Ran in a suit.
7. Reid "Colorado" Smith   DNF  M215 Lab Lites, from can  Drank too much before race. Put down 3/4 full beer hoping no one would notice. Disqualified. Had a great beer run shirt.

Race Notes:

Part 3 of a three part event!
1. 50km biking (Steve, Stevo, Jason, A.C., Michael)

2. 5km race (Steve, Jason, A.C., Michael)
Steve: 27:40
Jason: 28:10
A.C. : 53:38
Michael: 53:38

3. Beer-mile (see above)

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