3rd Annual Athletics NORTHeast Bowring Park Beer Mile
St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada

Conditions: Sunny, overcast, rain, had it all. 9C

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created by user wino

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1.David "The Geek" Freake  8:37.0  M24real beer, from can  da winnah
2.Erik "The Shark" Charron  8:57.0  M27From can  
3.Jason "Flash Gordon" White  9:10.0  M34From can  
4.Paul "Stinky" Matthews  9:37.0  M44From can  
5.Tony "God's Gift" Poole  9:38.0  M39From can  
6.C.J. "Zorro" Nolan  10:05.0  M32From can  
7. Peter "The Enforcer" Power   10:08.0  M46From can  
8. David "Smiley" Kelly   10:37.0  M40From can  
9.Will "lookame" McInnis  10:40.0  M30From can  
10.Jeff "Superhero" Turner  11:28.0  M35From can  
11.John "Lulu" Angelopoulos  11:30.0  M33From can  
12. Alison "Skank" Jones   11:31.0  F33From can  Da Woman Winnah!
13. Guy "The Contender" Beazeley   12:22.0  M51From can  
14.Jeff "The Prez" Collingwood  12:23.0  M48Pussy Beer, from can  
15.Bill "Mr. Happy" Donovan  12:23.0  M39From can  
16. Andrew "Santa's Elf" Smith   12:32.0  M40From can  
17.Patrick "Drunkert" Dalton  12:38.0  M34From can  
18. Peter "Hairy Harry" Browne   12:41.0  M48From can  
19. Bill "Mr. Sensitive" Pomeroy   12:44.0  M44Real Beer, from can  2 Penalty Puke laps
20.Kevin "WTF!!!!!" Conran  13:41.0  M47From can  
21.Paul "Dancin Fool" Lahey  14:16.0  M57From can  
22.Jennifer "Bitch" Kryszak  15:45.0  F28From can  
23. Anthony "Mr. Nipples" Paul   16:21.0  M42From can  Puke Swallower
24.Justin "The Mechanic" Garrett  16:57.0  M28From can  
25.Beans "wrestlemania" Wentzell  19:27.0  M26From can  Finish Puke, Penalty lap

Race Notes:

IPICO Chip timed! With laps including beer chug times! How cool is that! Penalty times only show 1 time but may be more than 1 lap

Each lap is 455 metres, so beer mile is actually long at 1820 metres. Suck it up Princess!

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