CB Barbarians House Crawl Beer Mile
Sydney, Cape Breton

Conditions: 15 Degrees, overcast, very windy

created by user unser

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. Corey Deveaux   7:40.0  M27Labbat's Blue, from can  Beginners Luck
2. Chris "Bighead" Milburn   7:43.0  M41Labbat's Blue, from can  
3.Donnie MacIntyre  7:50.0  M44Labbat's Blue, from can  
4. Dean Abbass   8:19.0  M48Labbat's Blue, from can  
5. Ryan "The Deer" MacDonald   8:36.0  M28Budweiser, from can  
6. James "DJ Jimmy" Forsey   8:41.0  M28Keiths, from can  
7. Eric Deveaux   9:27.0  M52Labbat's Blue, from can  
8. Allan MacKenzie   11:43.0  M28Keiths, from can  officially retiring effective today!
9.Richard Spencer  12:04.0  M30Canadian, from can  
10.Paul "PMac" MacKenzie  12:15.0  M39Labbat's Blue, from can  

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