5th Annual Halloween Beer Mile
Madison, WI

Conditions: Cold and Rainy

created by user Tipper1897

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1.Lauren Waterson  8:10.0  F29Joes Home Brew, from cup  Unofficial event winner
2.Brodie Birkel  8:25.0  M30Miller High Life, from can  
3.Ryan ????  8:58.0  M28Miller Genuine Draft, from can  
4. Ryan Griessmeyer   9:02.0  M35Miller Genuine Draft, from can  
5. Gus Lang   9:10.0  M34Budweiser, from can  
6.Clay Griessmeyer  9:24.0  M33Miller Genuine Draft, from can  
7.Kara Larson  9:36.0  F28Miller Genuine Draft, from bottle  
8.Lauren Birkel  9:59.0  F28MGD/High Life, from can  
9.Tristan Suhonen  10:07.0  M27Keystone Light, from can  
10.Shannon "Rookie" Richards  13:42.0  F36Miller Genuine Draft, from can  First Timer

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