Rat Beer Mile 2
Toronto, ON

Conditions: cloudy and about ten degrees celcius

created by user stevemetzger

NameTimeSex Beer Notes
1.Wesely McNamara  7:47.0  MMolson Canadian, from can  New Record!!
2. JJonathan   8:00.0  MAmsterdam Natural Blonde Lager, from bottle  PB!
3. Ashley Lawrence   8:40.0  MMoosehead Lager, from can  Slower than last year by 2 seconds
4.Michael Dede  9:19.0  MRobert Simpson Confederation Ale, from bottle  1st Beer Mile
5.Ian Rankin  11:25.0  MAmsterdam Big Wheel Deluxe Amber, from bottle  1st Beer Mile
6. Ray Sacuevo   13:44.0  MLabatt Blue, from can  Two minutes slower than last year!
7. Chris Lee   14:01.0  MMixed Bag, from can  1st Beer Mile
8. Johanna Evers   14:58.0  FAmsterdam Natural Blojnde Lager, from bottle  First Female-Vomitted
9.Darren Bibby  16:29.0  Alexander Keiths Indian Pale Ale, from can  Vomitted
10. Ryan Wilson   DNF  Molson Canadian, from can  Should have tried vomitting?

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