Choppers Beer Mile 2010
Pakuranga, Auckland, New Zealand

Conditions: Warm, heavy rain, strong NE wind

created by user miket25

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. Mike "Mr Ed" Trathen   7:50.0  M39Carlsberg, from bottle  PB by 57s
2. Natalie "Go Nats" Seay   8:40.0  F41Speights, from bottle  Batman underwear was awesome!
3.Adrian "Edgie" Edge  8:58.0  M33Speights, from bottle  Top first effort
4.Scott "Deano" Dean  12:00.0  M27DB Export, from bottle  Scorching last 100m - those high knees were brilliant!
5.Kathleen "Princess" Payne  12:14.0  F35DB Export, from bottle  PB by 2 minutes!

Race Notes:

Numbers down significantly from last year - the heavy rain may have had something to with it.

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