Matheson Mayer Christmas 2010
North Vancouver, Canada

Conditions: Cool

created by user tonymayer

NameTimeSex Beer Notes
1.Matt Curry  7:29.0  MO'Douls, from bottle  unofficial time - non-alcoholic
2. Sean Clark   7:42.0  MKokanee, from can  
3. Nick Lyne   9:03.0  MCanterbury Dark, from bottle  
4.Rob O'Brien  9:04.0  MGrasshopper, from bottle  
5. Sean McGillen   9:34.0  MEnglish Bay Pale Ale, from bottle  
6.Ramsey Ezzat  11:41.0  MSleeman's Honey Brown, from bottle  
7.Don Cli  11:54.0  MMolson Canadian, from bottle  
8. Dave Iverson   13:49.0  MDead Frog Nut Brown, from bottle  
9.Matt Winkleman  14:22.0  MMiller, from bottle  
10. Adam Scheur   14:41.0  MPhilliip's, from bottle  
11. Tony Mayer   14:52.0  MBudweiser, from bottle  
12. Scott Jones   15:28.0  MDead Frog Mandarin Orange, from bottle  
13.Quinton Jansen  15:30.0  MChoc Milk, from bottle  unofficial - but impressive
14.Shae Dalphond  17:01.0  MBudweiser, from can  
15.Jenn Wolowic  17:11.0  F1516, from can  

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