Birthday Beer Mile
Cambridge Park, Australia

Conditions: humid, 38 degrees C

created by user Lauren_Hooke

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1.Darren "D Salt" Salt  12:38.0  M24Crown Lager, from bottle  
2.Dan Footit  13:27.0  M32Tooheys White Stag, from bottle  
3.Mary Hooke  14:28.0  F30Tooheys Extra Dry, from bottle  
4.Naomi Footit  15:36.0  F34Vodka Cruisers, from bottle  
5.Jen Mellefont  18:53.0  F29James Boags Original, from bottle  
6.Bryce Harlum  19:07.0  M18Strongbow Original, from bottle  
7.Danny "Paul/Pork" Hooke  19:09.0  M33Carlton Draught, from bottle  
8.Dave Hooke  20:49.0  M31Woodstock Bourbon and Cola, from can  
9.Bob "Bobbygong" Hooke  21:32.0  M61Hahn Premium Light, from bottle  
10.Damien "Paul/ Pork" McGinn  25:02.0  M32Hahn Superdry, from bottle  
11.Kristie Bradshaw  31:02.0  F27Strongbow Clear/ Bundaberg Bare Rum, from bottle  
12.Lauren Hooke  32:04.0  F27Strongbow Clear/ Bundaberg Bare Rum, from bottle  

Race Notes:

Inaugral event. First of many (maybe).

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