Inaugural Canatara Beach Beer Mile
Sarnia, ON

Conditions: Clear and hot

created by user Canatara

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1.Tyler Calendar  7:45.0  M21Stroh's, from can  
2.Graham O'Hagen  8:16.0  M18Stroh's, from can  
3. John "Booter" Booth   8:20.0  M19Stroh's, from can  
4. Dave Keeley   9:51.0  M18Stroh's, from can  
5.Brad Shipley  10:20.0  M17Stroh's, from can  
6.Christopher "Stamand" St.Amand  10:29.0  M19Stroh's, from can  
7. Joe "JT" Turner   10:31.0  M19Stroh's, from can  
8.Ryan O'Hagen  10:42.0  M18Stroh's, from can  
9.Weston C. "The Animal" Dawkins  12:00.0  M20Stroh's, from can  Best Dressed!!!
10. Heather "H-Mac" McLeod   13:15.0  F19Stroh's, from can  The only woman!!!! Damn the skirt clause
11. Mark "I beat Irondad" Linseman   14:11.0  M16Stroh's, from can  
12.Adam McKinnon  14:56.0  M20Stroh's, from can  
13. Geoffrey "Shoebacca" Shoesmith   16:17.0  M20Stroh's, from can  
14.Steve "Oh Hey!!!" Bice  19:01.0  M19Stroh's, from can  
15.David "Shieldsboy" Shields  19:02.0  M20Stroh's, from can  
16.Michael "Holman" Holman  19:03.0  M20Stroh's, from can  
17.Mark "Beault" Archambeault  21:43.0  M20Stroh's, from can  

Race Notes:

The Inaugural Beer Mile went off with a bang.
T-Shirts were awesome and everyone left with a smile.

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