2010 Nashville Beer Mile
Nashville, TN

Conditions: 85F and sunny

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created by user bmenees

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. Josh "Iceman" Hite   8:13.0  M32Coors, from can  Overall Male Winner
2. Andrew "Thunder" Holbrook   8:13.5  M33Coors, from can  
3. Mike "Cotton Mouth" Hill   8:26.0  M49Coors, from can  
4. Mark "Frothy Marky" Carver   8:28.0  M50Coors, from can  
5. Andy "Stoat" Moss   9:47.0  M41Mickey's, from bottle  
6. Chris "I Read The Entire Waiver" Vrettos   10:15.0  M32Heineken, from can  
7. Naked Hiking Guy   10:28.0  M51Heineken, from can  
8.Chuck "Seymor Spewage" Mader  10:30.0  M51Coors, from can  
9. Bill "Dragonslayer" Menees   10:41.0  M39Coors, from can  
10. Matt "Hellraiser" Allison   10:49.0  M30Simpler Times & Budweiser, from can  
11. Phil "Zimmer" Zimmerman   11:06.0  M32Budweiser, from can  Threw up and ran a penalty lap
12. JP "Blazer" Cowan   11:20.0  M31Budweiser, from can  
13. Amy "USC Girl" Young   11:36.0  F30Budweiser, from can  Overall Female Winner
14. Heidi "Queen of Five Points" Wilson   17:12.0  F35Budweiser, from can  
15. Amy "Firestarter" Oldham   18:52.0  F39Coors, from can  
16. Meredith "Listenin' To A Book-On-Tape" Graham   21:12.0  F30Budweiser, from can  
17. Jimmy "KillABrew" Fryer   26:08.0  M50Miller Genuine Draft, from can  
18. Christina "Flygirl" Kaighen   31:15.0  F31Miller Genuine Draft, from bottle  
19.Will "Dead Last Monkey" McPeake  37:25.0  M40Blue Moon, from bottle  
20.Ashley "Goin' To The Grand Canyon" Bright  42:37.0  F33Budweiser, from can  
21.Mikki "Rowdy Friend" Trujillo  48:42.0  F34Budweiser, from can  
22. Chris "CD" Demetra   48:42.1  M30Michelob AmberBock, from bottle  

Race Notes:

This is a cross-country beer mile run in my back yard.

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