3rd annual Bridport Beer Mile
Bridport, Tasmania

Conditions: Gusty, Showers

created by user harry

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. Josh "National Record Holder" Harris   6:33.0  M20Tooheys Dry, from bottle  Took it easy in jeans, drank a 6 pack pre race
2. Doug Hamerlok   8:07.0  M20Chocolate Milk, from cup  Penalty Lap, spewed with 5m to go!
3. James "Greg Sanchez" Hansen   9:33.0  M17Pure Blonde, from bottle  PB, next years world champ
4.Phil "Budgie" McConnon  10:40.0  M19UDL, from can  Penalty Lap, debut
5. Paul Luttrell   12:44.0  M21Tooheys Dry, from bottle  took it easy
6. Wes Taylor   13:20.0  M20Chocolate Milk, from cup  penalty lap, was on track for sub 7 until the bell
7. Callum James   22:21.0  M21Crown Lager, from bottle  PB
8. Oli Stanesby   DNF    DNS
9. Brad Evans   DNF    DNS
10. Serena Loring   DNF    DNS
11. Sandy Loring   DNF    DNS

Race Notes:

2011 Beer mile had 4 competitors with 2 more people drinking milk and one drinking UDL's

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