Nake Ting Classic
State College, PA

Conditions: 54 F and Clear

created by user zzk34

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. Ben "Taco" Nieto   6:06.8  M23Budweiser, from can  1.2 PR, Splits: ??/3:04/4:43/6:06.8
2. Adam "Wild Turkey" Moore   6:53.0  M23Miller High Life, from bottle  PR
3. Kevin "Who's Your Daddy?" McClernand   8:16.0  M18Miller High Life, from bottle  PR
4. Kenny Roman   9:21.0  M21Miller High Life, from bottle  
5. Brian "P Nuttiest" Petraco   10:10.0  M22Miller High Life, from bottle  With penalty lap
6. Dan "Mr. Clean" Green   10:53.0  M18Miller High Life, from bottle  PR
7. Marie "Ass For Dayz" G   11:09.0  F21Miller High Life, from bottle  Female CDA Record
8. Mike "Not From Ontario" Williams   12:01.0  M21Miller High Life, from bottle  Lost to his girlfriend
9.Ethel Frogger  13:27.0  F21Miller High Life, from bottle  
10. Tony "Da Boul" Kresz   14:35.0  M18Miller High Life, from bottle  PR
11.Ben "Taranturtle" Huey  16:23.0  M22Budweiser, from bottle  PR, First Time, with penalty lap
12. Steve "Hew" Williamson   16:28.0  M18Miller High Life, from bottle  Puked and
13. Bobby B   21:35.0  M20Budweiser, from can  PR, first time, and penalty lap
14. Brian "The Aroused Octopus" McGovern   22:45.0  M18Miller High Life, from bottle  DFL, first time, PR, penalty lap

Race Notes:

One of the largest turnouts in Club Digestive Athletics history. Somehow everyone's beers were shook up, but people persevered. There were several newcomers and a solid amount of PRs. Look back next week for the Kelly Fermoyle Memorial Championship.

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