Kelly Fermoyle Memorial Championship
State College, PA

Conditions: 44 F with 10 mph winds

created by user zzk34

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. Ben "Taco" Nieto   5:54.0  M23Budweiser, from can  
2. Adam "Wild Turkey" Moore   6:43.0  M23Miller High Life, from bottle  
3.Chris Aviator  7:28.0  M20Miller High Life, from can  
4.Nate "Nake" King  7:34.0  M23Labatt Blue, from can  Fastest couple
5.Kenny Broman  7:35.0  M21Miller High Life, from can  
6. Britt Kern   7:36.0  M21Lionhead, from bottle  
7.Chad Flipz  8:57.0  M22Miller High Life, from can  
8. Brian "P Nuttiest" Petraco   9:09.0  M22Miller High Life, from can  
9.Eddie MacMuffin  10:00.0  M21Pabst Blue Ribbon, from can  Did penalty lap
10. Kevin "Who's Your Daddy?" McClernand   10:08.0  M18Miller High Life, from can  Freshman of the Year
11. Brian "The Aroused Octopus" McGovern   10:20.0  M18Miller High Life, from can  
12.Marie "Azz For Days" Forge  10:23.0  F21Miller High Life, from can  Beat her boyfriend again
13. Mike "Not From Ontario" Williams   12:24.0  M21Miller High Life, from bottle  
14. Tony "Da Boul" Kresz   12:39.0  M18Miller High Life, from can  
15.Kat "Baby Rhino" Stinson  12:45.0  F19Miller High Life, from can  
16.Shane Donoky  12:48.0  M19Miller High Life, from can  
17. Steve "Hew" Williamson   13:25.0  M18Miller High Life, from can  
18.Kelsey Marksman  13:58.0  F21Miller High Life, from can  Fastest couple
19.Katie "Balls" Schmiech  15:30.0  F19Miller High Life, from can  Did penalty lap
20. Dan "Mr. Clean" Green   16:10.0  M18Miller High Life, from can  Did penalty lap, puker of the year award
21.Katie "Bags" Lally  18:25.0  F19Miller High Life, from can  Did penalty lap
22.Mark Burnham  19:59.0  M24Yuengling, from bottle  DFL

Race Notes:

This was Club Digestive Athletics championship beer mile. It was a large field and some great times, including a new PA #1 by Ben Nieto and a huge showing by dark horse, Chris A. Ben Nieto and Adam Moore went out, neck and neck, for the first lap, coming in at 80 seconds for the first beer and lap, setting a blistering pace for everyone to follow. It was truly a great way for some of the seniors to end their CDA beer mile careers.

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