Timpathelon 10
Edmonton, AB

created by user Timmer

NameTimeSex Age  Beer Notes
1. Tim "Timmer" Austen   11:26.0  M40Kokanee, from can  has this fgiured out
2. Jim "Jimbo" Cettiga   12:26.0  M40Kokanee, from can  like a fine wine
3.Ali "Doc" Fathi-Afshar  14:50.0  M35Kokanee, from can  strong result
4.Andy "Tiger" Jugovics  16:01.0  M37Kokanee, from can  bonus lap - puker
5. Doug "Dougler" Anderson   16:26.0  M40Kokanee, from can  solid performance
6.Colin "See Ball" Ball  16:34.0  M23Kokanee, from can  bonus lap - huge puke
7. Dale "Fonger" Fong   16:53.0  M34Kokanee, from can  fast start slow finish
8. Igor "Igster" Kopecky   17:22.0  M40Kokanee, from can  bonus lap - puker
9.Dan "Bitter" Colombo  22:02.0  M29Kokanee, from can  bonus lap - bitter beer face

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