Initiation Cross-country Vert et Or 2011
Sherbrooke, PQ
September 17, 2011

created by user mike_boule

Conditions: chilly


Beer Mile

4 Beers, 4 Laps Stop and Drink, Then Run Full Mile 12oz Beers Open When Drunk 5% Alcohol Beer No Tampering Vomit Penalty Max 2oz Spillage

Name Time Gender Age Beer Notes
1 Micael Boulet 6:29.0 M 29 From Can Black Label Would need better running fitness to break the meeting record
2 Philippe Depault 7:13.0 M From Can Coors Light Unofficial beer. Still, a futur champion
3 Julien Barriere 7:36.0 M 21 From Can Black Label Medic crew. "In any trouble, just puke"
4 Alexandre Desmarais 8:36.0 F From Cup liquor Unofficial. Shooter
5 Marie-Christine Carette 8:36.0 F From Cup liquor Unofficial. Shooter
6 Felix Camirand 10:36.0 M From Can Heineken Has bigger stomach than it looks
7 Olivier Beland 11:20.0 M 19 From Cup Budweiser Unofficial container, how the hell did we let this happen?
8 Alexandre Nadeau 12:30.0 M From Can heineken Fastest member of the "Legendary Trio"
9 Jean-Philippe Pelland-Leblanc 12:31.0 M 25 From Can Budweiser Barely dressed
10 Elizabeth Parenteau 13:10.0 F From Can Budweiser Already a feat to just run with such a suit.
11 Olivier Lavoie 13:52.0 M 22 From Can Budweiser Great runner, has the potential to break the world record, but not serious about it.
12 Guillaume Menard 13:52.0 M From Can Budweiser Another great runner, but small stomach
13 Caroline Gendron 15:06.0 F From Can Budweiser Puking feels so good afterward
14 Mathieu Bilodeau 18:17.0 M From Can Budweiser lost time mating with other animals
15 Simon-Malik Giroux 18:17.0 M From Can Budweiser Has a nice six pack, but cannot chug it.
16 Marc-Andre Raiche 21:58.0 M From Can Budweiser Good runner, poor chugger.
17 Marc-Antoine Ricard 22:50.0 M From Can Budweiser Thought he could win
18 Mathieu Landry-Cote 22:59.0 M From Can Budweiser Penalty Lap. Naively ate a big dinner.
19 Gabrielle Maranda DNF F From Can Budweiser good try, but stomach too small
20 Melanie Michaud DNF F From Can Budweiser Shown no mercy for beer, but forgot to run last lap.

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Race Notes:

Official rules followed by most, except that the gravel track is 408m, so about 1632m total.